Velva, The High Strung, and Capitol Years

Velva, The High Strung, and Capitol Years


Location:Schuba's, Chicago, IL
Jason Wagner's band, Velva, and one of Ade's secret band crushes, "The High Strung" will be playing at Schuba's. It's a Sunday night show, so you'll have to tape/Tivo Arrested Development, but it'll be worth it.

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Awesome Rock

This was a great show. Velva was weird, creative and thoroughly entertaining. I was a big fan of the ray gun via guitar pick-up thing. E-Bow, eat your heart out.

After Velva got the crowd all jazzed up, The High Strung came on and rocked our Wigwam's off. Sonya blogged about it over here. They were tight rockers and snappy dressers. Capitol Years sounded rocktastic as well, though I only heard the first few songs of their set.