This just in: Prince Charles is a wuss.

This just in: Prince Charles is a wuss.;u=/afp/britain_royal_charles

This story tells about how Prince Charles wouldn't go to a wedding because they refused to seat him next to his girlfriend. True, this doesn't sound so strange for you or me or really anybody normal. But come on! He's the heir-apparent for the throne of Jolly Ole. If he were any kind of real monarch, he would've had the families killed, the hall burned to the ground and the guests branded with a picture of his beloved.

Is it just me, or does everyone else agree that Colin should be their next King?

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Colin's picture

I've got my divine right right here

I'm into it. Sign me up. There's a certain flair I think I could bring to the whole deal. True, I'd be a figurehead, so most likely they wouldn't obey my most murderous commands, but the Sun would have a field day with my every comment.

I'm particularly interested in the branding of the guests with a picture of my beloved. So could we get a picture of her printed out by a laser printer and somehow get that transferred to a brand? Long live the King!