World Of Hope?

World Of Hope?

There are a series of articles on Salon with a lot of ideas about what needs to happen for the democrats to take the power back, Rage Against the Machine-style. The article is called Why Americans Hate Democrats—A Dialogue, which is a bit ridiculous, but the articles are interesting.

Interesting point: When the democrats move to the right, the republicans move farther to the right.

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Re:World Of Hope?

An interesting quote from a newer piece in this series.

The purpose of separation of powers is not being fulfilled. The branches were designed as a check on each other. But the institutional divisions between legislative bodies and the executive, or between the House and Senate, are no longer salient. The ideological purification of our parties—a relatively new and unfortunate development—may have created an identity of partisan interest so strong that separate branches, when controlled by the same party, provide no check at all. Due in part to greatly enhanced partisanship, loyalty to the Senate or House as an institution is being replaced for legislators of the president's party with loyalty to the president. The Framers thought they had produced a system that would insure that a faction supported by a bare 51 percent of the people could not make the other party its dog. It's not working.

This is one of those things that drives me nuts. I think it's true, but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of support for reforming the system that's contributing to all of this fuckedupedness. Is it so wrong to want to be able to vote for the people that I really believe in, and have them team up with the people that I sort of believe in?