Bush's Bulge: Reprise

Bush's Bulge: Reprise

There's a story on Salon about an analysis of the images of the mysterious bulge under Bush's jacket during one of the debates. The analysis was done by a physicist who specializes in being a big nerd for NASA. He also happens to be a Kerry supporter, but claims this didn't bias his analysis.

It does look like there's something under there. But, I think, judging by his performance in the debate, that Bush still deserves the benefit of the doubt. The "wire" running up his shoulder looks a hell of a lot like his shoulder blade to me. Cover up the rest of the bulge with your hand and it looks perfectly natural. He didn't have any wires going into his ear, and if he had been wearing an ear-piece, I'm pretty sure he'd use better technology than that.

But, there's still the rest of the bulge to account for. Maybe it was some sort of medical device and he doesn't want to admit it because it might make him seem infirm to the fickle voters. It doesn't look like a back brace, though, so I'm not sure what it could be. My guess is that it's the tail of the alien that has embedded itself into his spinal cord and has taken control of his brain. By "accepted Christ," he means "became a host for a hostile alien presence."

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The Bulge Divulged

For the record, NASA was right. According to a blurb on hillnews.com, the bulge was actually a bullet-proof vest. Honestly, I feel a bit stupid for not thinking of that in the first place, once I was convinced that it wasn't a wrinkled shirt. But, I never heard anyone else suggest it either, so I guess I'm just as dumb as everyone else.