October 15, 2004

Yeah, but who do you LIKE like?

Heart of hearts...

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October 14, 2004


So I was on the terlet Sunday when I heard Ade comment that Shippy ought to put together a Genesis sampling. Really, who among us know enough about the band that makes Shippy's heart sing with joy?

I'd like to listen to a mixed-tape of Genesis gems.

Still on the crapper, I wondered if I had the comprehensive knowledge of any one artist to put together a compilation. Beatles? Too popular. Elliott Smith? I'm not the expert. Weezer? Yeah, Weezer. Maybe Ben Fold Five if Weezer is too embarrasingly emo.

I realized that most of my friends could probably throw together a little something nice about a band they hold dear- bands I might not be familiar with (like Genesis).

What artist/band would you herald? What songs would you want the impressionable to hear?

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October 13, 2004

Republican conspiracies abound

ok, so now they've resorted to tearing up democrat voter registration cards. Seriously.... tearing them up!

A good way to spend the morning speechless:
Las Vegas

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October 12, 2004

monitors and such

so i need you boys to talk some nerd with me...

i need to buy a new monitor as i'm working from home at the new job and my current one is too small and bulky, etc. as i'm pretty far sighted, i need something at least 19 inches... i'm thinking of dropping some actual loot on a lcd flat screen, but for 19 inches or so it's like 500-600 dollars minimum. i also heard they're super delicate and can be broken really easily -- like if it gets tilted or the like. so maybe i should get a flat screen non lcd in the 19 to 22 range that's only about 200-300. but then it will be horribly heavy and i'm moving kind of soon and i don't know if my computer desk will support it well, though i'm sure it will as my old monitor was pretty big.

however, i'm quite sure that i'll be buying a new computer in the next two years or so and don't flat screen monitors usually come with or at a severe discount?

and, since i'll probably just bite the bullet and get the lcd, does anyone know where i can get something good real cheap?

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October 08, 2004

He's wearing a wire!

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I do find the recent flurry of speculation regarding the possibility that GWB was wearing a wire in the first debate eerily convincing. There were the long pauses, the instances where he interrupted himself, and the weird bulge under his jacket that a rear camera caught at one point.

Was Rove feeding him responses via radio waves? Do you think they would really stoop this low? (That's mostly a rhetorical question--we know they would, if they could get away with it, and the terrifying thing is, they probably could.) Even if it's not true (and I suspect it's not), it makes for fun blog fodder.

Full story in the extended link. Let the wild speculation and groundless assertions begin.

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October 07, 2004

shamless self-promotion

my weekly column on tv started this week!

wwlw? what would lizz watch?

also, find some cable this weekend and watch best week ever on vh1 because my dear friend neal pollack will be on and i wrote many of the jokes he'll be using...

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October 06, 2004

Illegal Downloads -> Murder

Illegal downloading of music is a gateway crime. Before you know it, you'll be murdering your boyfriend with your iPod. Or smoking pot. And we all know what that is a gateway to: getting hiiiiiggggghhhhh!

"[S]he killed her boyfriend only after he accused her of illegally downloading music and erased about 2,000 of her MP3s."

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October 05, 2004

Explain a Blog to Someone's Grandma

I'm putting together a briefing for work about blogs. Beyond explaining what they are (and let me tell you, the nomenclature is weak). I'm trying to explain why they are such a driving force in online communication.

Somebody (Ship, perhaps) was telling me about a news article that was pulled from the news source's website. Bloggers had copied the text, so it was still available to those looking for it. I am looking for the details to use as an example of why a large corporation shouldn't ignore blogs.

Yes, it really is this exciting at work. Any other examples or musings on the unwieldy power of the blog (or forum, or message board) would be greatly appreciated, because that would decrease my work load and allow me to think about nimbus clouds.

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October 03, 2004

SNL Roundup

Did anyone else hit pause on their Ferneyhough long enough to catch the season premiere of SNL? Having Ben Affleck host made me wish they'd done a reprisal of Fleets' Film Forum.

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October 01, 2004

Election Roundup

Tracking the debates & campaigns....

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