Come see us! Wadsgreens in Chicago

Jason, 80 and I will be in Chicago from July 1-10. We're going to a wedding on the 8th, but besides that we're basically just going to be hanging out with as many friends as we can. Email me to call dibs on evenings, weekends, and days you'd like to see us.

Jake's Recent Masterpiece

another fun flash doo-dad that I felt was too special not to share.

I saw this on Stumbledupon and it's another fun time killer.

Build a punk song flash game


This is a gimmick, but it's a fun 10 minutes.

Kaleidoscope thingy

How is possible?


So I just defended my PhD thesis. (Sort of. I actually defended it on Friday, but was in no shape to post on Jeaun for most of the weekend.)

I have minor typographical, etc. changes to make to the dissertation itself, and then I'm done! My last official day in lab will be next Friday the 20th. I get about two weeks off, then start the last two years of med school on July 7th with Pediatrics.

Goddamn, but does it feel good to be done w/ my PhD. I never thought that it would end there for a while.

Googly Eyes

Do you vote in Michigan?

Message from Markos @


We're not going to beat around the Bush. If you want to help make mischief for the Republican Party - and bolster the Democrats' chances for taking the White House this November - read on!

Are you a Democrat or independent registered to vote in Michigan? If you are, vote for Mitt Romney in the Republican primary on Tuesday, January 15th!

Do you know any Democrats or independents in Michigan? If you do, encourage them to vote for Mitt Romney in the Republican primary on Tuesday, January 15th!

Hard Sell

What's it Gonna Be?